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Why Us

We are committed to helping students of all ages achieve their academic goals.We put all our effort to help each student succeed in school in this very competitive world despite learning problems, poor motivation to learn, weak cognitive skills, attention deficit, learning disability, or poor organization. Brain Academy helps students boost their grades in any subject , raise scores on tests, and improve learning and cognitive skills, so that they also excel in all other subjects in the future.

What the client needs

We are having counseling time with clients how we can build the personalized learning plan for them. It helps us to accurately pinpoint the client academic strengths and weaknesses. Motivation to learn and succeed, strong self-esteem, and a healthy dose of test anxiety are also very important key elements of academic success. Our tutors always keep these factors in mind and address them continuously during a tutoring process.

Individualized Plan for Each Student

We usually organize a regular instructor for each class. The client can have some feedbacks, lesson plans, or his or her improvement from the instructor directly. We can also provide sample skill tests or interview test voluntary if the client needs. Our instructors have TESOL or TEFL certification, have worked different countries as instructors before, or have careers to teach for both native English speakers and international clients. They are always comfortable client to ask questions before or after lessons. We are very professional team and we are willing to help client’s success of language improvement and knowledge.

Qualified and Caring Tutors

Our tutors have graduated from colleges or universities with high GPA. Some of our tutors are certified mainstream or special education teachers or are in training to become one. No matter who your tutor is, you can be sure that your tutor is a high achiever who is happy to share his or her knowledge and skills and who is proud to show a proven track record of excellent learning skills and high achievement. They are also personable, warm, organized, focused, and determined to improve client’s academic performance and motivation to learn and succeed. Some of our tutors and learning specialists are bilingual.

Convenient Options For Your Family

We appreciate the needs of busy families like yours. Whether it's evening or weekend tutoring sessions, we aim to make our tutoring programs as convenient, flexible and affordable as possible for your family.

About Us...

Education Academy LA is the provider of supplemental education services and tutoring to clients at various levels and subjects. With us, our caring tutors tailor individualized learning plans that build the skills and attitudes clients need to succeed in school, in their profession and in life. Affordable tutoring instruction is available in math, reading, writing, study skills, homework help, test preparation, business skill, and conversational skill with English, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin(Chinese) at Education Academy LA. We also provide education services not only individual clients but also company, association, or school client as well.

Our Mission.....

Education academy LA offers in-person, group class instruction to meet what the client needs. The program starts with an assessment to identify each client’s specific learning needs. We use the results to create a learning plan to guide each client’s for their needs. Our instructors have TESOL certification, have worked different countries as an international instructor before, or have many experiences to teach clients from teenager to adults. We are professional team and we are willing to provide education services for you. Clients are placed in small classes or one on one tutoring based on their learning needs and ability levels. Please feel free to contact our counselor at 310-613-9414 with any questions concerning your enrollment options.

Contact us

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