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Small Group Class Timetable

We provide the group class with 90 minutes once a week and 4 times a month. The number of the clients is 3 to 8 clients in the class and tuition is $100 monthly payment!
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5pm-5:45pm: Kid’s English Conversation Class (4 years old ~)

8pm-9:30pm:English Communication Class(Advance Level)*TOEIC over 800 score


5pm-6:30pm: SAT Reading

7:30pm-9pm: Chinese Communication Class(Beginner Level)


1pm-2:30pm:English Communication Class(Beginner Level)

5pm-5:45pm: Kid’s English Conversation Class (7 years old ~)

6pm-7:30pm: Japanese Class (Beginner Level)

8pm-9:30pm: English Communication Class(High Beginner and Intermediate Level)


8pm-9:30pm: Spanish Communication Class (Beginner Level)


5pm-6:30pm: SAT Writing

*For One on One (Private Lesson), Café Lesson, or Company Lesson We are coordinating your lesson schedule Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 9:30PM and Saturday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Please feel free to call us if you need more information.

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Phone:: 310-613-9414


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