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We coordinate your lesson with variety ways

Private Lesson

We provide lessons with same instructor every time to show you how much you improve your subject from the beginning. The client can schedule the lesson day and time on the time table. When you need to be absent your regular lesson, you can reschedule substitute lesson within your contract. There are no limite of make up lessons on your contract.
For example;
If the regular schedule is 7:00 to 8:00 on Monday and Wednesday and you can’t make it for your private reasons, you can take it on Saturday for 2 hours lessons or you can take it the other day or time in the other weeks. We provide very flexible schedule for you.

Sharing Private Lesson

You can share your private tutoring hours with someone you know. This lesson style works well if your family, friends, or colleagues want to take private tutoring as well. If you buy many hours, you can get a lot of discount of hourly rate.

Ticket Private Lesson

This lesson style is good for the client who needs very flexible schedule. There is no term in the contract and you can buy tickets hourly bases before you make lesson reservation. We can provide a ticket from minimaum of an hour lesson.

@Cafe Ticket Lesson

The client takes lesson at café. In the relax atmosphere, he or she takes a lesson with some cups of coffee or tea. This lesson is very reasonable price and we coordinate it from private lesson to semi private ones.

Regular Group Class (from 3 clients to 8 clients)

Group lesson is based on number of clients from 3 to maximum 8. You can enjoy improving the subject with your new classmate together. The other merit of this class is sharing idea and information with the other clients in the class. We provide it with 90 minutes lesson once a week and 4 times a month. The tuition is $100 monthly payment. This is the most popular class in ESL Institute LA.

Company Lesson

ESL Institute LA sends an instructor to provide lesson for the company. We can provide English, Spanish, or Japanese lesson from individual private class to group class for your employees. We can communicate well to the manager and report their improvement from beginning to each 3 months by assessments. We are professional team and we are willing to provide education services for you and we are sure it leads one of the company’s achievements of programs.

Kids English Group Class (from 2 to 5 students)

This class is based on 3 to 5 years old students. We focus on making them to like English as a first step. We teach them English with singing songs, dancing to the rhythm, and learning vocabularies with coloring and exercises. This age is good at learning process for second language quickly.

Mommy & Me English Semi Private Lesson (from 2 to 4 babies with mothers)

This class is based on from 1 year old to 2 years old babies with their mothers together in the class. We provide lesson for their mother, but their babies also can learn the language naturally from native instructor. Both mother and a baby can enjoy learning together

Homework Helping Semi Private Lesson (max 6 students)

The clients bring their homework at ESL Institute LA and our instructor helps them in the class. We operate 90 minutes class once a week and 4 times a month. This is a very good size of the number of clients in the class for instructor helping them

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