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Why your experiance will be different with US!!



We have been working in international educational fields for over 15 years, and taking care of international students from all over the world.

There are so many language schools even in Los Angeles, which provide similar courses and systems. It is hard for students to see the differences among them.

From our professional points of view, there are so many differences in each and every language school. That is the reason we only focus on Los Angeles from our experiences, and we will help you choose the right course, answer even smallest questions for you.

We also provide transportation for student as well for norminal fees. Even you are the first time to study abroad in Los Angeles or travel to another countries, we are taking care of you from first day on your arrival at Los Angeles, and take you to the school or hostfamily house.

We do not charge any fees for your *counseling*, and only make a small commission from schools. We are glad to support your choice of school and improve your possibilities for your global future.

Sincerely, TEAM (ESL-LA)

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Phone:: 310-613-9414


FAX:: 310-961-5912


Email:: counselor@esl-losangeles.com


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We also offer other Services as Follows:

  • Airport Services

  • Excursion planning

  • Counseling

  • Private Tutoring

We are fully licensed and registered business in california,USA:

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