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Partner Schools

ESL INSTITUTE AGENCY we have been working in international educational fields for over 15 years, and taking care of international students from all over the world. We show you some recommendation schools on the below. Each school has special strong selling courses. We can lead you to choose your right school in LA!

California School of Languages

CSL is located in the heart of downtown Santa Monica, which is three blocks from the beach and one block the world famous Third Street Promenade. The location is perfect for international student. After your classes, you can enjoy surfing and beach activities at Santa Monica Beach or you can enjoy shopping at Promenade every day. All staff of CSL is very friendly. If you want to enjoy not only taking English lessons but also something extra, CSL is one of the best language schools in our partner schools.

Kaplan Aspect

Kaplan is one of the largest language schools in the world. They have very long history and staff is very professional. We recommend Kaplan for the students who study English seriously and plan to transfer to colleges after they complete the programs. The requirement of classes are covered from the basic English to advance level, and also the students can learn some specific lessons like idioms, structures, filming, GMAT, and GRE as unique electric classes. If you plan to move up college after ESL programs, Kaplan is one of the best language schools in our partner schools.


LASC is also very historical language school in LA. LA campus has been operating over 25 years. All staff is very professional to support students and the atmosphere of the school is very friendly. They have unique elective lessons like discussion of American TV and movies, business telephone and conversation English, and computer skill. Also, their facilities are very organized and professional audio systems in each class rooms. They also provide courses from morning, afternoon, and night sessions. If you need flexible schedule to learn English, LASC is one of the best languages schools in our partner schools.

Cal America Education Institute

CAEI is located in the one of the center of Los Angeles, and very convenient area. They also have several courses from general ESL courses to TOEFL or TOEIC. In those courses, TOEFL Course is the most popular program for international students. They do have a lot of pathway program with colleges in several areas. If the student completes the advance or TOEFL courses, they can transfer to their network colleges without certain score of TOEFL. 90% of the students move up to colleges, vocational schools for learning special make up, filming, or law schools. If you plan to move up college after ESL programs, CAL is one of the best language schools in our partner schools.

AOI College of Languages

ACL is a multi-purpose language institute with instruction aimed at teaching languages quickly and effectively. They focus on teaching their students to master Conversational English as well as preparing them to use and understand the correct American Idiomatic English for their specialized needs, such as in business or higher education.
They have CITLS (Certified International Trade Logistics Specialist) course. It is a world standard certificate authorized by International Import Export Institute. This course is suitable for the people who want to open an apparel, brand, or import shop individually. Students will learn not only knowledge of trading but also knowledge of starting import business in this course.
They also have CPS (Certified Professional Secretary) course. It is a certification offered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).
IAAP is the world’s largest association for administrative support staff, with600 chapters and 40,000 members and affiliates worldwide. If you come LA for your next career up, ACL is the one of the best language schools in our partner schools.

Language System International

LSI is the one of the biggest language schools in LA. They have 5 locations in only Southern California, which are Alhambra, Los Angeles, Orange County, Torrance, and Beverly Hills. They provide students with both general English language education and preparation for both the business world and academia. Thus, in addition to our English classes, they offer TOEFL, GMAT and GRE preparation classes for students who plan to attend a university, as well as business English and TOEIC preparation classes for students interested in improving their business skills. Their nationality mix is pretty good. You may see a lot of your friends from different countries. They also provide very unique courses like English + Dance, Yoga, or Surfing. If you look for the school which has variety courses, LSI is the one of the best language schools in our partner schools.

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