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Welcome to English Academy Los Angeles page.You may have reached this page if the link you followed was incorrect or the linked resource (page) no longer exists. You may followed our link located below for an overview of our main website www.esl-losangeles.com.

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English academy Los Angeles is not only English academy for private tutoring but also English academy finding Agency for Intenational students who want to come to Los Angeles to study English.For private tutoring,English academy LA provide one on one or group tutoring lesson for ESL,TOEFL, TOEIC,Chinese and Japanese languages.For School finding agency services,we will match you with the English academy most suitable for you according to your budget,academic desire,location and terms.We do our best to keep the costs down especially during times of financial uncertainty. You no longer have to think of things like where to look for your school or how to get infomation for location you want to study English. Services by English academy Los Angeles can however make your experiance problem-free.

For more than 15 years, Our team has been the leader in providing education services for English language students.English academy Los Angeles main goal is to serve International students looking for english study in Los angeles and orange county area.There are so many English academy in Los Angeles.We will help you find the right English academy for you.Los Angeles is the one of the biggest city in the World with fully diverse communities,vibrant atomosphere and great weather.We can confidentlly say that Los Angeles is the best for people around the world to come for studies,business,entertainment ,vacation and holiday study.

English Institute LA "  is one on one Private Tutoring of English for Businessman,Grade school students and Special Tests.We also offer Japanese, Chinese Language classes from Beginner level to Advance level.ESL academy for grade school student who need to catch up their english with native or adults who need to improve their english communication skills for their professsional environments.Also for students going abroad for cultural exchange program who need to learn language of their destiation country.We are located in City of Torrance,Los Angeles,CA.

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